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Here's what you'll learn:

  • The 5 Telltale Signs of Second-Rate Campaigns
  • Stop Gambling and Get Control: Marketing Metrics You Must Know 
  • Compounding Improvements: How Little Hinges Move Big Doors
  • A 6-Step Marketing Audit That Works On Any Campaign

To grow a home improvement business, you must have a predictable source of sales and leads.

And accurately measuring the results of your marketing is the ONLY way you'll know you've got this...

It's how you know what's helping you grow your business and where your money is being wasted.

Digital marketing gives you the power to track exactly how much money your campaigns are making you... down to the dollar.

But most business owners don't take advantage of this. They don’t know what’s working or how to make things better.

The marketing they hoped would grow their business just ends up costing them a fortune for little or no return.

Much of this is driven by a wave of low-cost marketing providers.

They’re in a race to the bottom on price and care more about winning new clients than delivering value to the ones they already have.

They usually don’t track results properly... because you'd probably dump them in a heartbeat when you realised how badly their campaigns are performing.

Instead they focus on “vanity metrics” and count on their clients not knowing enough to spot the problems.

We’ve written this guide to hand control back to business owners like you.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The 5 Telltale Signs of Second-Rate Campaigns
  • How to Stop Gambling and Get Control: The Marketing Metrics You Must Know 
  • Compounding Improvements: How Little Hinges Move Big Doors
  • A 6-Step Marketing Audit That Works On Any Campaign

Struggling to grow your home improvement business?

We’re committed to helping home improvement businesses and contractors rapidly grow by building predictable, scalable systems for generating leads and sales.

The strategies we put in place aren’t special or unique. Experienced digital marketers have known about them for years, and they’re based on the fundamentals of effective marketing.

Unfortunately, home improvement businesses have been getting a raw deal. They’re often wasting thousands of dollars with very little return because these fundamental principles are being ignored by the people who are meant to be helping them grow their business.

Mismanagement and lazy work are rampant – almost every business we talk to has had a bad experience with a marketing provider.

Working with us means getting access to a proven lead generation system that works fast. You'll wipe the floor with your competitors and gain a stranglehold on your market.

About Rapid Contractor Marketing

"I was like a lot of small business people in the marketplace. I did my own website and ran my own Adwords campaigns with moderate success, but I knew the time had come to get a professional. Rapid Contractor Marketing transformed my business to where it is now - which is the number one gutter protection company in South East Queensland.

I now have other installers from other companies chasing me for work as they are getting less and less. Once Rapid Contractor Marketing got started the effects were immediate and I haven't looked back. I can highly recommend Leon and his company to anyone looking for a professional enthusiastic and committed partner in the digital world."

Brad Jewell
Guaranteed Gutter Protection

Glen Walsh

Ultraflow Home Solutions

“We struggled to regularly get good leads for our business despite spending big on Google Adwords. Leon showed us exactly where our ads were going wrong and how they were wasting our money.

Within 2 weeks his company had completely overhauled our campaigns and marketing system. In the first month we generated $50,000 in new sales and we’ve done even better since then."

Stuart Wilson
LVI Thermosoft

"Before I met Leon, business was just ticking over, my marketing was hit and miss and my customers would tell me they had trouble finding me. I was unsure if Adwords would work, but the results have been excellent.

I now have my marketing answers covered and can concentrate on expanding my business. Leon “does what he says”, which is a hard thing to find in today’s market."


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